DCF Donors

DCF_Donors_newThe David Clowney Foundation would like to invite you to participate in our ongoing fundraiser and assist us in our pursuit of making the dreams of higher education a reality for underprivileged youth by becoming a #DCFDonor! This fundraiser is a great opportunity to give back to the community and help today’s at-risk youth! All DCF Donors will also have the opportunity to receive special perks and giveaways from the foundation as a special thanks for your generosity and support!

This money will help us reach more youth through the expansion of our mentorship and outreach programs. Contributed funds will also go towards our annual free football/cheerleading camp, scholarship opportunities, and more! You can help us achieve this goal by donating today! Please be sure to include #DCFDonor in your donation message so that you will be included in our raffle giveaways. You can give a one-time donation or you can set-up a recurring donation for months to come. Keep in mind that this is all tax-deductible! You can give big or give small, but most importantly, help us as we continue taking strides towards the betterment of children everywhere and become one of the #DCFDonors and donate TODAY!

If you have any questions about the David Clowney Foundation or becoming a #DCFDonor, please feel free to contact The David Clowney Foundation at 1-855-828-1010.
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